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Why you must be marketing every day

Hello! Good morning! What are you up to? I’m curious because whilst I know you work very hard, I’d like to know what are you working on and are you doing some marketing each day?  (It’s really important to be aware of how you’re spending your time.)

Marketing is all about getting your message out to new people and developing their trust so that they want to buy from you. Your business needs a constant flow of new people and you’ll only get that if you have a constant flow of marketing. Whether it’s you networking, speaking or calling, or it’s written blogs, flyers, ads, etc – it needs to be happening consistently.

When you know you have a constant flow of new people, the selling piece its easier – you’re not desperate for any particular person to buy. You can focus on helping that person and if you’re service or product is not right for them, it’s ok because they’ll be somebody else who will want it.

Make sure you carve out time each day for marketing.

video_4_with_titleFinancial Freedom University:

Ann Wilson’s amazing Financial Freedom University has launched – This programme and has helped me more than I can say! Her training is second to none and I’ve really enjoyed mixing with the other people who are in all different places on their financial journey, some far ahead of me and some busting their way out of debt. If you didn’t see her video training series which lets you see exactly what she’s about, Ann has generously put the whole series up on one page for a short time – all videos on one page, no email sign-up just loads of valuable information.  Click here

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!