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What you really should do

Oh, should, should, should…must, have to, etc….don’t you just want to chuck them all out?  Seriously, you should!!

Sunset_over_the_waterHow many of these do you have in your life (in your vocabulary)?  Is you life full of obligations or are you choosing the life you want?   What I find really interesting is that a lot of the difference is in the way you think about things.  Some people choose to own their part in deciding what they do, whilst others feel weighed down by obligation when actually their lives are not so different.

I encourage you to listen to your language, how many should’s, must’s etc do you use?  Try replacing them with I want.  For example: instead of  “I have to get this done…” use “I want to get this done…”  It’s so much more empowering.   If you’re still struggling, think of the longer term or bigger picture reason why you have it on your to-do list.

Try this out and let me know what a difference it makes.


Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!