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Sometimes you just have to STOP!

stop-634941_640With the best will in the world to be productive, sometimes you just need to stop!  On Monday, I had the day struck out in my diary for marketing planning.  I had woken at 3.30am thinking about moving house and all that we will be doing over the next few months and I simply wasn’t in a good frame of mind to do my work planning.  I was feeling very confused about it all……

By 7.30am I found myself in the garden, clearing lots of garden waste, and by lunchtime I was having a huge bonfire and successfully NOT doing my planning.  The guilt thoughts were running through my head telling me that I was just avoiding my work, procrastinating, you name it.   I was telling myself off… but I also ignored myself and I spent most of the day out there!

HOWEVER….on Tuesday morning I woke up with such clarity about what to do, I’ve been on a roll ever since!  On reflection I realise I needed to give myself that day, do some physical activity and allow all my thoughts to process, and access my inner wisdom.

So my tip today is that you have to balance the headspace work (getting through to-do lists) with the peaceful times of reflection and inner processing.  If you feel confused, don’t just push through, allow yourself some space, leave your workspace and do something completely different on your own.  I bet you’ll come back refreshed.

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!