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How to create a Win Win

Whenever you are going to work with someone else, use their services or negotiate a deal, there are a number of things to work out in advance:

  • What you want (and be specific) from the arrangement.
  • What you could compromise on.
  • What would make it a good deal for the other person (put yourself in his/her shoes and think it through.)
  • What are you not prepared to compromise on.

Win_WinThe best working relationships are where both sides are happy.  It’s good to negotiate but not to squeeze someone so hard they resent how the deal has worked out.  Don’t get pushed too far yourself or push the other person too far.

A win-win is what you want – it shows mutual respect and that’s a great basis for a working relationship.

Looking for a photo to illustrate this tip, I spotted these together on the kitchen counter.  I’m not sure it’s exactly right but…..!

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!