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For women who prefer to dream BIG

“The Vision Experience”

1-Day Workshop

An exclusive 1-day workshop, led by Motivational Expert, Jane Bennett, for small business owners & entrepreneurs, where you will create a magnificent vision for your business and your life!
For groups of 6-15 .

Includes a FREE 45 minute 1:1 bonus follow up call worth £197

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What is it?

The Vision Experience 1-Day Workshop is for small to medium sized female business owners, entrepreneurs and any woman who has the desire and the passion to create a truly wonderful life for yourself. Led by renowned coach and motivational expert, Jane Bennett, you will create a vision for your business and your life – a vision that is truly your own.

“Success requires a vision.”

Anthony Robbins

VB PlanningDuring this intimate 1-day event for just 15 women only, you’ll be shown how to understand and intuit what you really want – and not what other people think you should want.

You’ll then create an exciting and compelling vision for the future that is all yours.

As part of this exciting process, you’ll be creating your own magical vision board so you can create a stunning visual representation of your desired lifestyle – whether it be more holidays, more time-off, better quality of time with your family, a bigger house, more money or just you making a bigger impact with your passions….

Whatever you dream of, you can create!

Keep this memento to remind you every second of the day of the life you can and will create your biggest and deepest dreams for yourself.
VB Browsing

Be warned! The Vision Experience 1-Day Workshop is not just about creating pretty pictures. This is about creating the future YOU want and then setting out to achieve it.

That’s why you’ll also be helped to draw up an action plan and to pick the priority key actions which will move you quickly toward your vision.  This means as soon as the day is finished, you’ll have a clear and easy to implement action plan to know which steps to take, and in which order, to achieve the vision you have set yourself.

VB sharingAnd if you have any blocks or resistances or fears which are stopping you from creating that desired future (which is totally normal) then I’ll help you uncover and release them.

By the end of the day, you’ll leave with a stunning visual representation of the kind of future you want to create, and a clear step-by-step plan of the key steps you need to take straight after the event has ended.

And because I am so passionate about helping you create the best life you can, you’ll also receive a FREE 45 minute 1:1 Accountability & Support call with myself, worth £197, to be taken after the event, to help keep that dream real and alive for you.

“I loved having the time to sit down and think about what I want and why I am doing things.  Now I feel I have a purpose, I know what I want out of life and have goals to aim for.”

Katie Brigden

Who is the Vision Experience 1-Day Workshop for?

In a nutshell, this ever-popular event is for female business owners, entrepreneurs and any woman who wants to truly create the life of your dreams…

If you have a good life, yet deep inside you have this calling or voice that tells you that you could be so much more and you know it’s time you finally listened to it

Your business isn’t making the progress you hoped. You want to explore why and get some key action steps you know you can follow successfully

You find yourself easily distracted and know you waste time over low-priority tasks, but don’t know why

You’ve hit a slump and feel bored with your business, and need to re-find the spark to get you fired up again

You know you have a big mission to fulfil on this planet and it’s time you connected to it on a deep, soul level so you can start to bring it to life and finally live life on purpose

You know it’s time to step up in your business and take it to the next level – whether that be creating online products so you can have a more global lifestyle and travel more often, setting your fees higher so you enjoy more time off, or doing your first workshop or speaking event so you can have a big payday

About your Facilitator & Motivator for the day…

Jane speakingMy name is Jane Bennett and I’m a business-owner, wife, mum of two, travel-loving, nature lover, and most definitely a people person!

Over the years, I’ve had jobs in Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, International Business Development, even image consultancy, appeared on radio and TV and run my own coaching business.

So, how did I get into motivating people to live their highest purpose?

Cut a long story short, but a few years ago I was round a friend’s house, and although she was working for one of the major network marketing companies, she was feeling demotivated and completely lacking in confidence. But by the time I left that afternoon, she had made some calls and had made a plan for the week and was super-motivated.  So much so that when she spoke to her line-manager that same day, she was so amazed at the change in her he asked:

‘What’s happened to you?’

‘Oh,’ she replied. ‘I spent the morning with my friend, Jane.’

‘Well,’ she said. ‘Would your friend Jane please like to come and speak to the whole team?’

So, I put together a motivational workshop for the whole team, which they loved, and I haven’t stopped since!

With my qualifications in marketing, coaching, Neuro-Linguisitic Programming, and my experience in business, I realized that I had the basis of something really powerful and that’s when I first created what was then the Vision Board workshop.  It’s now grown into The Vision Experience 1-Day Workshop.

Like everything I offer, The Vision Experience 1-Day Workshop, is designed to support you in business, to help you reach or reconnect you to the big vision you have for yourself – and which has probably got a bit lost along the way.

I’ve carefully designed it so I can help you break through the barriers which are holding you back from achieving this vision. Throughout the day, I’m on hand to gently – or firmly – give you the motivation, support and space you need to step into the biggest version you have of yourself and your life.

“Your knowledge and ability to translate what people actually want (and me realizing what it is) into action exceeded my expectation. Thank you for helping me find my spark again! You rock!”

Dominique Nok

7 Truths About Me…

I’ve worked for 14 years in international sales and marketing

I ran 5 successful international PR campaigns, including radio and TV

I set up a business from scratch in the USA and sold it when I moved back to the UK

I’ve always been particularly interested in working with, and mentoring women in business and have been supporting women for over 16 years, working with people from 20+ different countries around the world

I’ve studied with numerous high level business mentors, including Dr Joanna Martin, Bernadette Doyle, T Harv Ecker, Catherine Watkin and Roger Hamilton

I’m NLP (Master Practitioner), Coaching, Marketing and CMB qualified

I’m someone who takes on challenges and loves motivating people to step up, get things done and live the life they are supposed to!

“Strange things came up that I hadn’t even considered.  Loved creating the board and realising that what I thought I might want changed.”

Stephanie Harber

What to expect on the day…

A wonderful, fun, interactive day focused solely on the creation of your best life – however that looks to you

Everything you need to create your own stunning vision board – all the materials are provided for you so you don’t need to waste time getting everything together yourself

On the day Breakthrough sessions, from Jane herself, to help you overcome your blocks to creating this wonderful future

A powerful action plan so you know exactly what steps to take and where to start immediately after the day

A chance to meet a group of wonderful like-minded women (including all ages, plus mothers, wives, dreamers, passion-seekers, adventurers and manifestors) from business just like you




worth £197

“Jane has such a bubbly and friendly attitude it is infectious and exactly what I needed. She manages to get you in the right frame of mind so you can tackle even the most difficult of tasks you have been avoiding. Sometimes when you are on your own and just keep plugging away you can forget to see all the good things you have achieved.  Jane helps you see the good and encourages you every step of the way. I feel with Jane’s help that I have turned myself around and now I turn up to meetings with confidence. I am a happy business woman!”

Helen Adamou

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When & Where…

Date: Arranged for groups of 6-15

Time: 10am – 5pm

Where: A mutually convenient location

“I’d been meaning to do a vision board for a long time.  I appreciated the opportunity to spend time actually doing it, with support and guidance.  Now I’m focused.”

Anne Barrett

How much?

The Vision Experience 1-Day Workshop is amazing value at just £147 – and that includes your 45-minute 1:1 follow up call with me! As you can see, this is exceptional value for a truly life-changing day.

What cost your dreams?

This is an ever-popular event and is expected to sell out fast, probably because I’m only running one this year!   And because I can only accept 15 change-makers as this allows me to give you more 1:1 feedback and coaching throughout the day.

Please book early to secure your place.

“It was amazing! I loved having “permissions to just sit and concentrate on getting the board done. I feel fantastic and really inspired.  It was so well organised, I’d do it all again.” 

Deniese Bent

“I really enjoyed focusing on me and really recommend giving it a try.

Sophie Bishuty

How to reserve your spot now

If you want to take me up on this great opportunity to create the life of your dreams and receive an additional 45 minute 1:1 accountability and support call with me, worth £197, at NO extra cost, then all you need to do is….

Reserve your spot now

So, is it for you? Here’s who The Vision Experience 1-Day Event is definitely NOT for…

If you are happy pottering along and content in your comfort zone and not interested in seeing what else is out there

If you never dream of a better life (more holidays, more money, more time off, better quality of time with your family)

If you don’t want to take any kind of action to achieve your goals

If you are crystal clear on where you are head and are taking ALL the necessary action steps already

Finally, what previous participants (and dream-makers) have said about their vision experiences with Jane…

 “It was a relaxing, productive, creative, motivating and fun experience.  A great opportunity – thanks!”

Jake Boyle

“I’d been wanting to do one but never made time.  It was great!  I really enjoyed taking time out to think of what I want my life to look like.  I love the group support.”

Lucy Grainge

“An inspiring and motivating experience.  I love your enthusiasm.”

John Griffiths

“I loved creating the vision.  Now I’m itchy for action!”

Elaine Pitt

“A great opportunity to get it done and in such a motivating atmosphere.   I feel very inspired and full of energy. Thank you”

Jo Paterson

“It was excellent.  I best thing was seeing the board take shape.”

Pascale Atkinson

“It was inspirational, empowering and positive.  Good to meet like-minded people.”

Jana Hamrsmidova

“I really enjoyed it and am very happy with my vision board.  I enjoyed the friendly group and nice surroundings.”

Marie Saunders

“It was fun!  I loved playing and was surprised at what I chose to put on my board”

Cherry Douglas

“It was liberating and empowering!  I feel like I’ve taken back control of my life, my business and my vision.”

Ros Wood

“I loved having the space created for me to create a new board. It was enjoyable and enlightening.”

Andrea Beadle

“A chilled, calm and productive experience. I came away happy and focussed.”

Star Goddess Monroe

“It was very enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking.  I’m glad I’ve made it – I feel more focussed on my goals.  I particularly liked the section on what to consider when making my board.”

Madeleine Shawyer

“Discussing the points with someone else helped to open ideas up further. I feel motivated now.”

Amanda Richardson

“I came because it’s time to focus on new beginnings.  Great, interactive and fun!  I loved the large selection of images to choose from.”

Liz Almond

Create your dream future!